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Sailing Across

the Mediterranean - Atlantic


Build in Taiwan in 1978, Suzanne is a Ketch measuring 50 feet long, weighting 56000 pounds. She’s an old soul. She’s been resting for 30 years in Marina Baie des Anges, Villeneuve Loubet, France. After 6 months of intense work, she’s finally ready to take on an adventure across the world.

This week is a big departure for her and her crew, crossing the Mediterranean through the Atlantic Ocean for Cuba. 

The Crew

The Crew
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Our Captain 

Pierre Legros

I call him, Capitaine Fantastic. My father is a dreamer. He showed me that dreams are possible to achieve. He started as a biologist in Africa, then continued his way to South East Asia where he dedicated 15 years of his life in humanitarian aids. After 30 years in Cambodia working on multiples projects, he decided to buy a sail boat.

‘’One day I will find my father in the sea and bring him back’’, 4 years old dad talking to his mother who was weeping for the loss of her husband who drown in the middle of the sea.

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Julie Cottenceau

Julie spent 8 years abroad, within her travels she stopped by Moroccan desert as well as Central Africa, Quebec and New Zealand. She came back to France in April and started working in the Marina port. She’s an experience sailor, working as a deckhand on water yacht. 

Seeing her enthousiaste for Suzanne and the love of the sea as well as the adventure life style, we suggested her to join us for Transatlantic wish she gladly accepted.

Yannick Roton

Yannick spend 15 years living in his boat at Marina port. He's been working in the harbord since then. He is also an artist, he does photography and acrylic paint. 

Chief Mechanics

Jean-Baptiste Lanquetin

This young electrician from Lyon, France meet Pierre in 2017 during their training of boat maintenance in Marseille. He decided to join us in our journey to Cuba from France. AKA JB, always have a big smile on his face, even when nothing on the boat is working.


Our Journey

Our Journey

We’re making 5 stops before arriving to Cuba. First stop will be at the Balearic Islands, second stop in Gibraltar, then Canary Islands, after Cape Verde. We will drop off Yannick and Julie in the Martinique and finally we will arrived to Havana. The trip will be a month and a half long depending on the weather.


We are still hesitating to stop by L’Ile de Gorée, Barbados Island, Tobago Island, Príncipe Island and Jamaica Island. 

The Prep

The Prep

Jean-Baptiste and Pierre have been working 8 months non stop on the boat, under the heat of summer to the cold wind of the French coast. After the purchase of the boat, they’ve done a total refit of the boat from electricity, to mechanics and plumbing. 


About the food on board, we prepared about 600 meals. We will stop by each coast to buy more fresh food as well as refiling our stock of water (1300 Liter) and gazoline (1000 Liter).

Life on board

Living on a boat is not simple. We can use up to 5 Liter of water per person each day. As our water is very limited, we will use sea water to cook, take shower with salt water and rince ourselves with clean water. 

Cooking will be mission impossible has te boat will be moving and lean a lot. All the garbage will have to be clean and put properly back in small closet.



I can't wait to gaze at the millions stars, wake up to a unique sunrise every morning over the deep infinite horizon, swim in the clouds reflected by the sky. 


This journey is going to transform, elevate and awaken us in so many level. Sailing into the sea, comes with great courage and responsibilities, only to find freedom with full awareness.


Crossing the Atlantic Ocean is taking the risk going out of your confort zone. Confronting mother nature in all her formes, being constantly under threat of life and death, being hit by enormous waves, not sleeping nor eating enough in a cold humide boat. 


This experiences will build a strong character, a fearless and wise mind. Learning to live again. Learning to enjoy the little things, learning to admire our world with all its complexity and beauty. Learning to be reconnected to our nature, once again. 


I’m ready to turn this chapter of my life, starting my 23 years with this journey across the sea.   

Latest News

Latest News




We're a bit late on schedule due to some electronic problem. The crew is being very patient but in our mind we already left to the exotic places in the world.

5pm we decided to leave Marina Baie Des Anges for Hyères, which is not far away from where we were. It took us 11 hours to arrive. The weather was suppose to be good but instead it was raining with a lot of wind.

JB and I immediately got sea sick. The crew have been running non stop since 5pm. Finally we anchored behind les Îles de Hyère at 4pm.

During our Anchorage, a dolphin swam around our boat, looking at us with curiosity. What a magnificent creature ...

All in all, last night was a very tough and rough night for everyone, with very little sleep.