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My RenaiSenses

New York Exhibition - June 2018

By experiencing my own cancer journey as a path to wisdom and understanding of my life cycle, I have become more enlightened, and freed myself from my own inner suffering. I have finally come to understand and accept my true self. 

This art exhibition combines my personal artwork with pictures of human cancer cells. There will be 8 main drawings which tells my journey with cancer. 

All proceeds of sales will go to “Less Cancer” Next Generation Choices Foundation.


As a result I decided to pursue law studies in Nice, France. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma at the end of December 2016. This interrupted my studies. The 6 months of chemotherapy gave me time to ask myself important questions about life. I began my journey with meditation.

After 6 months of chemotherapy, I've felt the need to spread a message concerning how negative the word cancer is perceived. It seems to imply something fearful, obscure, unknown and morbid. I suspect the label put on this illness might discourage some from seeking assessment or, even, treatment.

This art exhibition combines my personal artwork with pictures of human cancer cells. Cancer can be perceived in a more positive way by forcing us to accept the truth of impermanence. As you walk along the exhibition, you will see that each of the 8 main drawings tell a part of my journey with cancer.

‘’To be present is to be aware’’. ‘’To fully live is to fully feel’’. ‘’Feeling our senses is to be in the now’’. Pushing our senses using taste, touch, sound and visual, to the extreme, is the ultimate goal to stop time and feel the present moment. In front of each piece of art, different types of tapas, which are related to each in particular, will be available. During the exhibition, a violinist will be accompanying the viewers with classical music. At the end of the hall there will be a life-size drawing of the human body. Each visitor will be encouraged to put his/her fingerprint on the body to fill in the artwork. This is the message of unity, of compassion and, most of all, the acceptance of diversity.

By viewing my own cancer as a lesson and a path to wisdom, I have come out freer, and more enlightened. I've finally come to understand myself and accept this all as part of who I really am. From a weak and small caterpillar to strong and fearless butterfly.

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