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Adana paintings of nude, brown and elegant bodies surrounded by golden halos were a way for Adana to mix suffering and resilience, honoring the stories of exploited women who surrounded her earlier in life. Her recent works are auto portraits showing herself surrounded by Cambodian elements, a reminder of her motherland, interlacing with symbols of French colonial area. Her artwork expresses her identity crisis, her quest to feel a sense of belonging and integration while being torn between two cultural heritage that were intertwined in heavy pasts, from the French protectorate era to the indirect implication of the West in the Khmer rouge genocide.

Her creations express not only her existential dissonance and bewilderment from being multicultural but her journey in forging resilience through her tumultuous life- fighting cancer. She uses her personal story to point out human deviant behaviors leading to wars, destruction and civilization collapse. It is in the chaos that, she argues that the need to develop emotional intelligence and build resilience as individuals and as a species is necessary. Her philosophical, social and spiritual reflexions lead to political and humanitarian actions. 

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Espace des Dominicains Clermont l’Hérault, France - Juin 2023


Official launch of
Generation C International 

Gazette Café Montpellier, France - Avril 2023

TheCommune Phnom Penh - December 2022


Ft Gallery, Factory Phnom Penh Phnom Penh - September 2021


The Plantation Phnom Penh - February 2021

DSC_2924 copy.jpg

SOSORO Museum Phnom Penh - January 2021


Rosewood Phnom Penh - September 2020


Sra'Art Gallery Phnom Penh - August 2020


French Alliance & Clara Restaurant Bangkok - January & February 2020


Strange Fruit Gallery Siem Reap - June 2020


Gallery SARTO Paris - June 2020


Gallery 109 Sydney - June 2019 Samai Phnom Penh - March 2019


Maison Du Cambodge Paris - November 2019

chapitre 2 Rouge-1 2.JPG

Rachana & RenaiSens

Exhibition - Brussels Fashion Days

Brussels - October 2019

Art sold copy-8.jpg

The Living Gallery Outpost New York - June 2018

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