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“I’ll show you who I Am’’ highlights the invisible pressure women face and the oppor- tunity to overcome it. Under the project ‘Voices for Gender Equality’ sponsored by the European Union and DanchurchAid, Generation C is launching a Campaign for women’s rights in Cambodia. With the collaboration of Gisel Studio and the support of Ft Gallery, the result is simple but the message powerful.

Featuring in this campaign are three significant Cambodian women;

  • LomorKesor Rithy, Co-Founder and Art Director at Bonnphum as well as Plerng Kob. She is best known for her incredible talent as a singer and songwriter.

  • Sam Tharoth, a strong female figure in Cambodia and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter. Her acting career is also growing rapidly, with her latest appearance be- ing next to singer and actress Jennifer Lopez.

  • Chumvan Sodhachivy, artist name Belle, is a professional dancer, choreographer, and teacher. She is well known for mixing contemporary and traditional Khmer dances to create unique masterpieces performed all over the world.

“When men are oppressed it’s a tragedy. When women are oppressed it's tradition.”

– Letty Cottin Pogrebin.

Covered from head to toe with traditional Khmer fabric, the woman is seen taking off the layers unveiling her true identity. The mixture of traditional and modern sounds breaks the boundaries between the two worlds.

"This is the power of artistic activism. A simple gesture accompanied by a radical message. Women have been suffocating under the pressure of tradition since the dawn of time. Adapting to the modern age by keeping knowledge of our roots is necessary to move forward as a nation and as a civilization

- Adana Mam-Legros.

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