Adana Mam Legros is a Franco-Cambodian artist and activist, Co-Founder and President of Generation C & GlobAction.

Daughter of Somaly Mam, an international icon of women's rights and controversial personality fighting sexual slavery of children in Southeast Asia, and Pierre Legros, trained parasitologist and specialist in human trafficking.

Adana spent her childhood in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, with women and children survivors of sexual exploitation. This environment makes it prematurely aware of the problems of the contemporary world. Revolted by social injustices she studies law and political science in France. This momentum, however, is abruptly interrupted by the discovery of cancer in 2017. 

After her treatment, she escapes to New York where her artistic passion begins. Adana works a year before inaugurating her first exhibition, '' My RenaiSense '', in June 2018 in Manhattan. 

Since then, she has exhibited in Paris, Sydney, Brussels, Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap. 

Working on setting up think-tanks, events, art shows, on psychological, social and environmental issues. For Adana, three years of meditation have developed in her a particular sensitivity on topics such as consciousness, personal and collective ethics, empathy and, more generally, the evolution of the species Homo Sapiens. Her pictorial works stem from her questioning and her revolts.

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