At The Plantation

To be able to face this pandemic as resilient global societies, there are needs to deeply understand our system, redefine new sets of values and adapt to situations. In our decadent world lead by money, power, greed and consumption, we should shift  toward an empathetic civilization aware of systemic crisis. 

Aware, ethical and responsible citizens are keys of our problem.  Only a clear minded citizen can truly have an impact on our world in understanding basic questions as such as: where we are from? where we are going to? 

Having deter the changes at individual level, the shift will become reality when collective level will form coherent and empathic binded societies. 


ORIGINS & BECOMING is composed by 4 artworks exploring different themes such as:  Parenthood; Femininity & Masculinity; Honesty & Vulnerability and Empathy & Compassion. 


Adana selected specific themes inviting viewers to introspect our own self as well as personal life. This psychanalytic prospective interrogate on “origin and becoming” of each of us at individual and collective strata. 


This difficult exercise to confront oneself start with honesty in our vulnerability. Strength will then replace weakness. 

In the same time, aware of our human polarity (feminine and masculine facets or man vs woman) will enlighten us on “the complementary” (man and woman). 


Finally, developing sense of empathy and compassion in a critical world is one of the solutions. 

© 2020 by Adana ម៉ម Legros

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