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Brussel Fashion Days

“Rachana” is the result of a collaboration between three free-minded Cambodian women from the creative sector, whose focus is to highlight the beauty of traditional/native wear and their colorful culture and origins, while adding contemporary touches and twists, turning the concept into a prêt-à-porter collection. By encouraging constant self-discovery and cultural intersections, while embracing one’s origins and identity, “Rachana” is the conscience of connecting cultural diversity with universality. In such diversified world, we are all one humanity.

French and Cambodian artist, on this occasion I want to transcend my khmer heritage into art. 

On this artwork, a beautiful woman is inside a triangle. She is looking for who she is. 

Once she understands her heritage, her identity, her past, she is becoming self aware, self conscious. This awakening of who she is as a whole will free her. Aware of  her roots, she is becoming an original soul, an evolution of a cultural mixité.

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