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By Serey Chea & Adana Mam-Legros

The Art of living together is by consequence an Art of Sharing. 


This one-off exhibition is a collaboration between two Cambodian artists, one impressionist and one surrealist, born from their common reflection on the Covid 19 situation and its consequences. 


In these difficult times where the importance of caring, showing kindness, and sharing matters more than ever, artists CHEA Serey and Adana MAM LEGROS felt the need to demonstrate that solidarity should resonate in the mind of every human being. They, therefore, decided to integrate their Art into an act of sharing by joining in a common exhibition aimed at raising funds for local NGOs working on social and psychological issues. 

The Artists

Two strong Cambodian women with different backgrounds collaborate for the same purpose: to use art to make a greater impact. 


Her Excellency Chea Serey is an Assistant Governor of the National Bank of Cambodia who has rekindled her passion for painting during the global pandemic. Chea Serey is a celebrated central banker and is well-known locally and internationally. She was selected as an Asia 21 Young Leader in 2017 and a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum 2019 recognizing her many achievements. She is also involved in many philanthropic works and was featured as one of the 25 most impactful philanthropists in ASEAN by the Asian Philanthropy Circle in 2018.

Adana Mam-Legros was raised in a multicultural family in Cambodia, she found her main inspiration in her parents’ activism and her personal battle with cancer. Passionate about humanitarian work from a young age, this visionary woman believes art and activism go hand in hand. She is the President and the Co-Founder of Generation C Cambodia, a socially driven artistic movement placing a greater emphasis on collaboration, compassion, and social responsibility. Since 2018, she has exhibited in New York, Paris, Sydney, Brussels, Bangkok, and Phnom Penh. 



‘The Art of Sharing’’ exhibition conveys a message of solidarity by aiming to raise 60 000$ for the benefit of three organizations focused on social and psychological issues:


Transcultural Psychosocial Organization (TPO) Cambodia is Cambodia’s leading NGO in the field of mental health care and psychosocial support. Along with their many projects on mental health care, TPO also runs a training center on mental health care, conducts research, and provides consultancy to promote mental health care and psychosocial well-being in Cambodia.

Improving Cambodia’s Society through Skillful Parenting (ICS-SP) is an organization promoting Skillful Parenting in Cambodia to equip parents and caregivers with knowledge, skills, and confidence to foster a safe, non-violent and positive family environment and to prevent and reduce violence against women and children. 


HelpAge Cambodia is a locally lead NGO working in supporting aging rights and empowering older people within Cambodia. Focusing on the needs for rights to healthcare, social services, economic and physical security as well as promoting older people’s active contribution and equal participation in society. 

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