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Collaboration Adana Mam Legros & Roman Koenig

Sensation, Emotion, Feelings 


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 «  So we are asking now: what is the movement of meditation? First of all we must understand the importance of the senses. Most of us react, or act according to the urges, demands and the insistence of our senses. And those senses never act as a whole but only as a part – right? Please understand this. If you don’t mind enquiring into this a little more for yourself, talking over together, but all our senses never function, move, operate as a whole, holistically. If you observe yourself and watch your senses you will see that one or the other of the senses becomes dominant. One or the other of the senses takes a greater part in observation in our daily living, so there is always imbalance in our senses – right? May we go on from there? 

Now is it possible – this is part of meditation, what we are doing now – is it possible for the senses to operate as a whole; to look at the movement of the sea, the bright waters, the eternally restless waters, to watch those waters completely, with all your senses? Or a tree, or a person, or a bird in flight, a sheet of water, the setting sun, or the rising moon, to observe it, look at it with all your senses fully awakened. …

if you observe this, if you observe this operation of the whole senses acting you will find there is no center from which the senses are moving.

(...) We never move or live with all our senses fully awakened, flowering. (...) And to give the senses their right place, which means not suppressing them, not controlling them, not running away from them but to give the proper place to the senses.


This is important because in meditation (...) : if when the senses are fully awakened, flowering then the body becomes extraordinarily quiet. (...) most of us force our bodies to sit still, not fidget, not to move about and so on – you know. Whereas if all the senses are functioning healthily and normally, vitally then the body relaxes and becomes very, very quiet, if you do it. Do it as we are talking... ».

The beginning of meditation, public talk
Jiddu Krishnamurti
Indian Philosopher-author-public speaker

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