Sydney - June 2019 

Adana is inspiring independent young artist - she continuously inspire the world through her art. She beautifully translated her journey of recovery to the form of art. When I stepped into the Sydney art gallery 109, her paints invited all of us to the inner journey. “Travel far enough you meet your self

David Mitchell Yuri

New York - June 2018

'' I was lost not only in the beauty but the awareness it brought ''

 Susan Sarandon - Oscar winning actress

New York - June 26 2018

''Adana Legros’s exhibition “My Renaisenses” was a beautiful “Gesamtkunstwerk” where the visitor was invited to use all her/his senses.  The art was supported by music and food which guided the visitor along an eight-chapter narrative of Adana’s harrowing journey with cancer – from “self-destruction” to “circle of life”. 

Adana’s art is predominantly in black and white with splashes of color – stark and striking. Graceful female bodies appear to be mutilated, encroached upon by deceptively beautiful cancer cells. The fragile bodies are often depicted without arms or legs, faces lack features – they seem to be forced to stay in place, turned inward and left without words. The illness it appears has robbed these women of control – control of their bodies, their time, their lives.

“My Renaisenses” shows how art making helped Adana to process her confusing and painful experiences, how art became an alternative way to communicate her emotions, became a part of her healing, and helped her to find meaning. Throughout the eight chapters Adana utilizes her art to re-write her own story, reframing the narrative, which leads to a new sense of self. 

“My Renaisenses” is a compellingly illustrated journey from suffering to healing and empowerment.''

Sonja Rohde - Art Therapist

Cuba - June 9th 2018

''Yesterday with a lot of pleasure I read more than 3 times the 8 philosophies of your friend Adana, I understand now and I admire her courage to face a destructive enemy that has become so common in so many people and their acceptance of cancer before the life.

It is impressive to know that a young girl can really understand the meaning of how beautiful life is after having fought so hard for it and to overcome all those imposed obstacles ...


I would have loved to see her exhibition very close but I hope to meet Adana personally some day ...


I liked all her philosophies, very well thought out for each title that she put to her works, very beautiful in addition, but the two paintings that impressed me most were "My self and my essence" and "The cycle of life."


I will be happy to share Adana's work with my dear friend. I spoke with her yesterday when she had her consultation in Havana. They ordered her to do an iodine treatment for 6 months, then she will have another biopsy to verify her condition and depending on the result, other alternatives will be taken but I hope everything goes well.''


Los Angeles - June 2019

“Art, at its highest form, is the greatest opportunity to use expression to challenge societal and cultural beliefs and thought systems. Adana has achieved this with every stroke of her brush.”

Annalynne McCord - Hollywood Actress 

Sydney - June 2019

“Adana Legros held an exhibition of her work in Sydney in July (2019). It was a truly a remarkable collection and not only artistically stunning but also highly commercially successful with all works selling prior to the conclusion of the exhibition. In her major works Adana took the viewer on a journey starting with her diagnosis with cancer through her treatment phase and finally recovery. Through her amazing work she demonstrated how connected with her Self she had become and in turn allowed those viewing her art to connect with this remarkable time in her life and also to connect intimately with this incredibly strong and talented woman. I feel privileged to have been connected with this body of work and also to have acquired several pieces which I will treasure always.”

David Cook - Chairman & Managing Director at Konica Minolta Australia

New York - June 13th 2018

''Adana Legros is brave.  She is both a brave person and brave as an artist. Without fear she has painted her heart on canvas for all of us to see and judge, which is the most bold thing one can do.  She has put herself out there to the public, showing strength in her vulnerability and beauty in her process.  Along with her writing, her works are transcendent pieces of art that show the human soul with honesty and openness. Without a doubt, Legros is a true artist forcing us to question ourselves and our assumptions. ''

Alexandria Hodgkins - Owner of The Living Gallery Outpost 

New York - June 18th 2018

''Hi Adana. I came in today in the late afternoon. What you expressed was so beautiful - I couldn't digest it all then, so thank you for pointing out the tri-fold. I am digesting the rest now. Especially this sentence, "My acceptance reflects the real truth of my being, which is impermanence."

warmth ~
Milo Smith


New York - June 10th 2018

''Incredible art exhibition by one of the most inspiring people I know until 6pm today in the east village! Adana has transformed her battle with cancer into breathtaking art ''

Raffael Latamaiki - NYU Student

Paris - June 13th 2018

''So inspiring Thank you for your message It help me and I think it will help many Thanks to all our life experiences that make us grow above our material being ! Then this freedom arise How wonderful ... Thank you Adana''

Cybele Ghislaine - Artist